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Meteor Strikes New Zealand Warehouse

A spectacular warehouse fire stopped traffic and drew a crowd of onlookers in Auckland, New Zealand, last Saturday night, but the interesting thing is that many people were convinced the fire was caused by a meteorite. The blaze broke out in a warehouse on the intersection of Ponsonby Road and McKelvie Street in Auckland sometime around 10:00pm. A number of people reported seeing what may have been a meteorite from various parts of the upper North Island streaking across the sky just after 10:00.

Coldest Fall in 100 years. Al Gore tap dances and eats humble pie

The Washington Post says it all so well. Click on the link
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What Catastrophe Awaits?

It was announced at the end of October that Walter Alvarez won the Vetlesen Prize—geology's closest equivalent to a Noble Prize. Alvarez, along with his father, Nobel Prize wining physicist Luis Alvarez, proposed the Chicxulub impact, now enshrined in textbooks and the public mind as the “asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.” The prize was not for finding evidence of that event, which marked the end of the Cretaceous period, but for the larger impact of that discovery on geology as a science.

Carbon Sediments Reconsidered

One of the major measurements that paleoclimatologists and other scientists who try to figure out Earth's climate in the distant past rely on is the ratio of two different isotopes of carbon, 13C/12C. This ratio, also called delta 13C (δ13C), has been used to estimate the carbon content of Earth's going back more than 150 million years. Now a new study, appearing in the pages of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has cast the accepted interpretation of δ13C into doubt.

Hurricanes and Hot Air

With the US storm tossed in the midst of the 2008 Hurricane season the predictable has happened: the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has released another report claiming that global warming is boosting the strength and number of storms around the world and in the Atlantic. In a press release dated September 4, UNEP blames climate change for the rising cost of natural disasters around the world.

2008 the Coldest Year of the New Millennium

Eclipsed by the pageantry of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Russian attempts to start WWIII by invading their former client states, is a noticeable downward trend in global temperatures. Data from the UK Meteorology Office shows that temperatures in the first half of the year have been cooler than any year since 2000. The reason given for the cooler temperatures is the natural cycle of La Nina and El Nino periods, which affect climate world wide.

The Cost of Coal

One of the ideas that gets mentioned in energy policy sound bites is “clean coal,” but what is entailed in cleaning up coal is not detailed. In The Resilient Earth we described coal as the most dangerous energy source on the planet—why? In Chapter 17, in the section titled Coal's False Promise we explain why coal is best left buried in the earth, where the efforts of millions of years of active geology has placed it.

Ozone, Ice Caps and Unintended Consequences

One of the central points presented in The Resilient Earth is the fundamental immaturity of climate science and how unreasonable it is to ask for accurate predictions working from the current state of both climate theory and available data. We used the formulation of the three pillars of science—theory, experiment and computation—as the framework of our argument. As an example why we take this stand consider a recent article in the journal Science.

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