24 Hours of Unreality

You may have heard that Al Gore, the self anointed Prophet of climate doom, is holding a twenty four hour propaganda fest trying to frighten the public into wasting even more money on bogus climate change measures. “Join us as we go around the world, identifying the costs of carbon pollution and the solution that can change the course of our future,” the associated web site proclaims. Why are we telling you about this? Because highlighting the half truths and outright lies perpetrated by climate miscreants is the best way to expose the farce that is the radical green movement.

That's right, a good skeptic listens to the claims of others and then brings logic and critical thinking to bear on the claims being made. On the 24 Hours Of Reality web site you can witness a seemingly endless stream of climate change alarmists droning on about what deep crap humanity is in. Cry balderdash and let loose the talking heads. Evidently the plan is to go around the world seeing which country's greens can paint the grimmest portrait of the future while gnashing their teeth and renting their organicly produced garments.

Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore brings his efforts to save the planet from irrecovable climate change to a web browser near you. At a companion site, TheCostOfCarbon.org, you are invited to “find your cost.” Brought to you by the Climate Reality Project, there is a live video feed and an interactive map where you can proclaim your guilt and repent of your evil carbon producing ways. Here is how they describe the web page:

This is a living documentation of the price we are all paying for carbon pollution. Find out how you are paying, add your cost, and share with those who can help to end climate denial and put a price on carbon.

That statement tells the story, the demented souls behind this snoozathon really want to raise the cost of carbon by getting governments to tax it. Never mind that this would cause the cost of living for rich and poor alike to rise. To heighten the fear factor, you can enter your location and see a customized cost of carbon diagram to show you just how shafted you are. Here is an example for some benighted soul living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sorry aspiring residents of third world nations, your dreams must be sacrificed on the alter of green delusions. Hard cheese, you profligate polluters of the developed world, the good times are over for you. There is only one way forward and that is to put a price on carbon. Pfagh.

These fools babel on about shrinking icecaps when new records are being set at both poles, Arctic and Antarctic. They call for a carbon tax as countries are moving in the opposite direction while the world refuses to warm as predicted. So hurry on over to the bullshit-a-thon. This may be your last chance to see such a collection of ignorance and pathos on public display. Because the global warming crisis is going to vanish, an evanescent fog of lies dissolving under the glare of reality.

24 Hours of Unreality

Ahh, just a minor correction ( because it sticks in my gob): Al Gore is NOT a Nobel Laureate, he simply shared HALF of the Nobel PEACE Price with the miscreants over at IPCC. Nobel Laureate he is not.

Nobel loser

When a Nobel prize was given to Gore it caused ALL other and further Nobel prizes to become meaningless. Right up there with the meaningless United Nations and the IPCC.

The Nobel and Mr. Gore

When we refer to Mr. Gore as a Nobel Laureate we do so to mock and belittle both Gore and the sanctimonious fools who gave him half of a prize that no longer holds any meaning. It is a distinction he holds along with a number of feckless ne'er-do-wells including the current American President.