Allen Simmons Thrillers At New Lower Price!

The Resilient Earth Press announces new lower pricing on thrillers by Allen Simmons effective immediately. You can now purchase Hunting Immortality, Fatal Trust, Atlantic Woman, and Mischief's Summer for only $0.99 each. Each of these taut, suspenseful novels will help you forget the winter blues and miserable weather outside. Uncover an immoral drug conspiracy in the Swiss Alps, hunt a serial killer in sunny Miami, discover ancient remains that could rewrite the history of North America on the coast of Massachusetts, or go yachting off Cape Cod with the one percent. In these glamorous and wealthy worlds murder and mayhem await just beneath the surface.

Hunting Immortality: Casey Lord just earned her PhD in genetics. She has job offers from companies close to where she lives. Her fiancé has asked her to marry him as soon as he replaces his father as CEO of their family controlled business worth billions. Her future looks bright from any angle until she receives a note from Zura Labs, which causes her perfect future to take a horrible turn. A private jet whisks her from a local airport to a Swiss lab for a job interview. When she gets there, she is stunned by the size of the place and the huge amount of money offered to her. She must choose her fate, not knowing an evil beyond criminal, worse than cruel or insane, lurks at Zura Labs; a place run by a wealthy man, with zero conscience, who is smitten the instant he meets Casey Lord for her interview.

Fatal Trust: The victim is a young woman with green eyes and auburn hair. Her corpse wears a red lifejacket and is set adrift in the Gulf Stream with the chance the strong current could take her all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Miami-Dade County, 200 square miles in size, and inhabited by two and a half million people, has a serial killer in their midst. Whoever the serial killer is, there’s a pattern to the crime. The story kicks off when athletic Beth Norcross, a Miami U. student who loves to sport fish, finds victim Drew Meadows floating in the Gulf Stream.

Atlantic Woman: Her name is Kate Lockhart. She’s an archeologist by profession and heiress by birth. She comes home to southeast Massachusetts to collect her $20 million inheritance. Her third day there, while poking around Gay Head, she makes a discovery—ancient bones and artifacts—that could change U.S. history or even the chronicle of all the Americas. Unfortunately, her discovery is on Indian land, making the artifacts sacred remains protected by Federal law. She doesn’t know a man, part Indian, full time psycho, hidden from her view, makes a movie of her taking bones and artifacts from Indian land.

Mischief's Summer: The yachting world seethes with rich, beautiful people living the good life, so thinks Jeff Slater from modest means. He gets a summer job on sailing yacht, Mischief, owned by the wealthy Hinshaws. The Hinshaws assume Jeff is eighteen, though he is only fifteen. They never ask his age and Jeff never mentions it. This omission becomes crucial to Jeff, the Hinshaws and their sixteen year old daughter, Holly. Enter Willow Whitlock, best friend of Holly's mother, Sibyl. Jeff suspects Willow has an evil side. Holly and Jeff become more then friends as they discover Willow's scheme to destroy Holly's mother.

Allen Simmons will be releasing the long awaited sequel to Mischief's Summer this spring. Take this opportunity to read Mischief's Summer today for only 99¢ (prices outside the US have been similarly reduced). Allen Simmons' novels are published by the Resilient Earth Press and are available as Kindle eBooks on

I think 0.99$ is a great

I think 0.99$ is a great price for these excellent novels. I got two of them already :)