Crank of the Week – July 30, 2012 – John Kerry

Proving that he is the most consistently irrational member of the US Senate, John Kerry went to the podium on Wednesday to denounce anthropogenic global warming. Likening climate change to another 9/11 the liberal lemming of the Senate droned on, causing the American public to count their blessings that he was never elected president. Now the senior senator from Massachusetts, the state that gave us Teddy Kennedy and Barney Frank, has reaffirmed his claim to being the wackiest wingnut in American government.

“I believe that the situation we face, Mr. President, is as dangerous as any of the sort of real crises that we talk about,” Kerry blathered. “Today, we had a hearing in the Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of Syria, and we all know what's happening with respect to Iran, and nuclear weapons and the possibility even of a war.” If AGW is as dangerous as any “real crisis” that must make AGW an unreal crisis.

In what was billed by his staff as “a major address and current assessment of the global climate change challenge,” Kerry claimed that global warming is as dangerous as the possibility of war over Iran's nuclear activities, thus proving that Barack Obama's campaign against “American Exceptionalism” has met with astounding success, at least in Washington D.C.

Not satisfied with inflicting such prattle on his Senate colleagues, Kerry published a companion piece in the liberal loony Huffington Post. Here are some choice excerpts:

Scientists tell us we have a 10-year window -- if even that -- before catastrophic climate change becomes inevitable and irreversible. The threat is real, and time is not on our side...

The truth is that the threat we face is not an abstract concern for the future. It is already upon us and its effects are being felt worldwide, right now. Scientists project that the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013. Not in 2050, but four years from now.

Make no mistake: catastrophic climate change represents a threat to human security, global stability, and -- yes -- even to American national security.

Showing that he really knows how to mend fences and win over his opponents, Kerry compared global warming skeptics to “flat-earthers” and bemoaned the fact that climate change has become “an unusable word in American politics.” Perhaps this has happened because the people have seen through the hoax and are shunning political tools who continue to parrot the IPCC global warming cabal's party line.

“Climate change, over the last few years, has regrettably lost credibility in the eyes and ears of the American people,” he said. “Well, this issue [global warming] actually is of as significant a level of importance, because it affects life itself on the planet.” Much as you yourself have lost credibility, Senator.

Hopefully this issue will affect your political life and hasten the day when you will no longer be seen fouling up the Senate with tripe like this speech. So, for proving once again that you are a world class mindless prat, this Crank of the Week is all yours – Senator John Kerry.

Say what?

Let me get this straight, a megalomaniacal, medieval minded, religious fanatic with a nuke is less dangerous than a half-assed crackpot theory dreamed up by a bunch of government paid science dorks locked in their laboratories with computer models? Yeah, right. The only reasonthis guy was elected was because his constituents would rather have him in Washington than at home fouling things up.

Unclear sailing for John F. Kerry

From an article that appeared in the Boston Herald:

NEWPORT, R.I. — Summer is back in New England and you know what that means — backyard barbecues, traffic tie-ups on the Cape, and the return of one of the most storied sailing vessels on the high seas — U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry’s yacht. The Herald Truth Squad made a surprise inspection of the $7 million Isabel last week while it was docked in tony Newport, R.I. — a strange location considering it’s the place that landed Kerry in hot water two summers ago. That’s when the Herald reported that the Massachusetts Democrat was avoiding a six-figure tax bill...

Interesting John Kerry Site

Readers might be interested in this John Kerry fan site:

Here is a sample:

John Kerry had arranged a photo opportunity at a ski resort. While breezing down the slope, he lost his balance upon colliding with a secret service agent assigned to protect his life. When queried by a reporter about the accident, Kerry responded with, "I don't fall down. That son-of-a-bitch ran into me."

Sort of says it all about the man's personality, ya know?

Dude, what is it with the

Dude, what is it with the voters in Massachusetts?