T'aafhal Legacy Prices Reduced For Holiday

Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announce that Doug L. Hoffman's T'aafhal Legacy novels are available at a special price through Christmas. Dr. Hoffman is on holiday with his family and is (reportedly) working hard on the next book in the series, Pleiad Found, to be released early next year. What better gift for the science fiction fan on your holiday gift list than one or all of the novels following the adventures of Captain Billy Ray Vincent and the crew of the Peggy Sue II as they search for an answer to the question all humanity wants answered – what became of the T'aafhal?

Four friends – Billy Ray Vincent, Beth Melaku, Bobby Danner, and Mizuki Ogawa – are partners in a commercial venture, exploring space with their starship, the Peggy Sue II. Under the auspices of the Honorable Orion Arm Trading company, the two couples seek out habitable planets to colonize, alien technology to adopt, and new species to forge alliances with. But always in the back of their minds is the legacy of the mysterious and ancient T'aafhal, an alien race that meddled in human evolution and vanished for million years ago. They bequeathed to their abandoned children a war with the Dark Lords, creatures that live in the cold empty spaces between the stars and hate all warm life – creatures who need the nurturing warmth of a star and liquid water to live and evolve, life like Homo sapiens.

Not just an outer space shoot 'em up, these are tales of adventure, with action a plenty, but also exploration. Strange planets are discovered, alien races encountered, and the explorers courage and perseverance are tested. Many of the characters were introduced in the earlier T'aafhal Inheritance series, but new ones are frequently added. If you or someone you know likes good, old fashioned science fiction adventure give these ebooks a read, now reduced from $4.99 to $2.99 (US prices, others may vary) just through Christmas. A brief description of the three books in the series are listed below.

The T'aafhal Legacy

The natives of planet Earth have survived their debut as a spacefaring species, barely. Having eradicated the Dark Lords' minions from surrounding space humanity is ready to send out its first colonists. Ahead of the colonists' ship another starship, the Peggy Sue, owned by the Orion Arm Trading Company, arrives in the chosen system and finds something very strange about the planet selected to be humanity's first outpost among the stars. It has a perfect atmosphere, clear blue oceans and not too much gravity—and absolutely no indigenous life. The merchants on board the Peggy Sue are led by former Navy officers: Captain Billy Ray Vincent, First Officer Beth Melaku, Sailing Master Bobby Danner and Science Officer Mizuki Ogawa. Their experience on previous voyages and fighting aliens has made them wary of inexplicable things, but the colonists soon arrive and start building their settlements on the planet they name Paradise.

Not quite trusting the colonists on their own, Captain Vincent takes the Peggy Sue to survey the outer reaches of the system. There they find even more strange things, while back on Paradise the colonists' presence awakens something long dead. Set in the same Universe as the popular T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy, join the crew of the starship Peggy Sue as they travel to the stars on new adventures. Familiar characters are joined by new as the crew seeks their fortunes among the stars of the Orion Arm. Awaiting the intrepid crew are strange alien races to discovery, new mysteries to solve, and new dangers to over come. Join them in the Ghosts or Orion, first book in the T'aafhal Legacy series.

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The voyage of the Peggy Sue continues under the command of Captain Billy Ray Vincent. The story resumes a year after the events on the deadly planet Paradise, chronicled in book one, Ghosts of Orion. The Peggy Sue has traveled farther away from Earth than any human built ship, “almost one hundred light-years as the crow flies,” as Captain Vincent observed. After stopping to fill up with deuterium on an icy moon circling an unnamed planet of an insignificant remnant of a dead star, the Captain decides to head back to Earth and home.

On they way the pass through Alpha Phoenicis, a binary star system in the constellation of the phoenix. There the receive a signal that could only have come from an artifact of the T'aafhal, the mysterious vanished alien race whose actions thrust humanity onto the galactic stage. They immediately change course for the signal's point of origin—a small planet orbiting a red dwarf that is the companion star to the system's main orange giant. What they don't know is that they are about to find themselves in the midst of an interplanetary invasion, and an ambush by an undetectable Dark Lord ship that strands Mizuki on the planet's surface. A raging battle for succession among the natives is complicated by meddling “daemons” from another planet in the system. Can the Captain and crew repair the Peggy Sue, overcome the treacherous Dark Lords and rescue Mizuki? Will the princess that befriends Mizuki survive to become queen? Will Mizuki live to become The Queen's Daemon? The Queen's Daemon is the second book of the T'aafhal Legacy series, the sequel to the popular T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy.

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In Starflake—the third book in the T'aafhal Legacy series—the adventures of the officers and crew of the starship Peggy Sue continue. Once again we find Captain Billy Ray Vincent in command of the Honorable Orion Arm Trading Company's vessel Peggy Sue. After being bushwhacked in the Alpha Phoenicis system, chronicled in The Queen's Daemon, more than a year has passed and the merchant explorers are about to take delivery of a new starship, the Peggy Sue II. After becoming embroiled in war and revolution far from home they realized they need a stouter ship and more Marines, many more Marines.

This time they are going far afield, headed for the Pleiades, a star nursery with a number of blue-white giant stars. They are following a hint from the T'aafhal AI they found on the planet of the Ant Queen, telling them to “find the missing Pleiad.” With their new ship and expanded crew they head out on a journey that will take them more than 400 light-years from home. A journey far beyond human space and the protection of the fleet. Naturally, things do not go as planned.

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Big thanks for your work

Big thanks for your work

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The T'aafhal novels are available in trade paperback (6x9) from Amazon.